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Why can't I change and update my email address or date of birth?

You control your own data in the Saros database, and can edit and update it whenever you like, simply by logging in to your profile.

However, it is fundamentally important that you retain secure and direct access to that data, and that it can never be confused with anybody else's.

Your email and your date of birth are used by us to uniquely identify you on the database, and to confirm your identity if you contact the Saros office or attend an event.  For this reason, we need to carefully track any changes which are made to it, so that we can make certain we know exactly whose record we're dealing with.

Of course, email addresses may need to be changed, if you move jobs or providers.  Dates of birth not so much - but, they can be entered incorrectly.

If you need to make changes to either of these fields, it's no problem - just email [email protected] and we'll get it sorted for you.  Please include a phone number we can reach you on, in order to verify any information needed to alter your record for you.

If you have contacted us as a member currently on our 'Old database' wanting to re-register on our new database but with a different email address...

We are working on all of the requests we have received during this last run-up to the closedown of our Old database as quickly as we can. Please bear with us! We want to be absolutely sure we only allow your personal data to be accessed by you. Therefore, during this final stage of the transition from old to new database we will continue to follow our verification process.

We will be contacting you soon.