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How often can I take part in qualitative research and user testing with Saros?

It is important to us - and to the researchers who engage us - that you remain a genuine 'member of the public' rather than becoming a research group expert. Our clients are only interested in real people, who can add real value to their research.

Therefore we will not be able to involve you in more than a maximum of 2 discussion groups a year, and you will never be asked to go to a group on the same (or similar) subject to one you have done before.

This is a standard proposed by the Market Research Society, which regulates our industry - Saros is a Company Partner of the Society, and all our Directors are also Full Members. We fully support this standard, which is designed to ensure that as many people as possible get to share their views in research, so that the industry we serve is as representative as possible of the public as a whole and help our end clients attain the genuine and valued market insights they seek.

Lots of people question why, if, for example they take part in a discussion about mobile phones one week, they cannot then take part in one about shampoo the following week - as surely it will be completely different? Well, not necessarily...

The way qualitative research encourages you to think about products, brands and advertising truly does affect you - that's why it's so fascinating to take part in - and every qualitative researcher we have ever met can spot a mile off any participant that has done too much previous research. They come to Saros because they trust us to deliver participants with fresh outlooks and opinions, AND to continue to reach out to as many new people as possible, who have never had the chance to take part before.

Surveys and questionnaires you may get asked to join in more frequently, obviously these will only take a few minutes to complete. But the majority of Saros' work is face to face qualitative research or user testing, to which the '6 month rule' always applies. This includes not having taken part in research with other organisations within the past 6 months, which is why you will always be asked about this during the screening process.