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I filled in your questionnaire, why wasn't I selected to take part in the discussion?

There are two main reasons why this happens - the first being that you're not who we're after, and the second that there aren't any places for you.


We know how frustrating it can be when you apply for a market research project that you think you are a perfect fit for. You might look at the questions and think that you are absolutely the right person for the research. However, behind the questions, there are a series of answers that we are looking for and a framework in place to make sure that we meet our client’s research brief. This is why we have the surveys, to rigorously select those participants who meet our client’s research requirements. We wouldn’t have very happy clients if we took a bums on seats approach and didn’t bother identifying the best participants for the research. To explain this a bit further, our research client may have asked to see a specific type of characteristic, or person that they believe to be their core customer, amongst many other criteria. They know who that is and we work with them to identify what they are looking for. We use the questionnaire as our starting point and follow up with a telephone interview.

Very occasionally we have projects with very loose criteria, which book up so quickly because they are popular and many people fit the criteria. This is where being signed up to our Saros Research database and responding as soon as you can to a project will be of benefit. In these cases we will recruit on a first come, first served basis.

Then there is a question of availability, you may meet part of the research criteria but miss out because you are not available on the testing dates that are available for that set of participants (a lot of organisation and planning goes into this part). Or simply, we have not been able to get hold of you. This actually happens quite a bit, so please ensure that you update your contact details and try and respond as soon as you can if we leave you messages asking you to call us back.

We have regular streams of new projects each week, for you to get involved in, so don't give up! We will find a project for you but sometimes it can take time. Projects include:

  • Tasting and product reviews of household favourites such as new soft drinks, snacks, food and alcoholic beverages
  • Big brand accompanied shops for furniture, your supermarket shop and even fashion including designer brands and top labels
  • Technology research including devices and testing online websites, platforms or portals
  • Testing new games with big name producers

Lastly, while we can’t tell you what the answers should be, we can give you a few tips:

- Respond as quickly as possible to new projects - Be easy to get hold of - Answer the questions with as much detail as you can - Don't try and second guess what we are looking for, just be yourself