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What about the money, how much do I get for taking part in research with Saros?

Taking part in qualitative research or user testing with Saros Research takes time, concentration, and effort. It sometimes involves preparation, and often involves travel... so it's only fair that this is rewarded financially.

Payment for research events is made between our client researchers and you as the participant. The payment is not made by, nor is the level set, by Saros Research (although in the case of online research we may administer the payment to you on behalf of the researcher). The amount on offer is always made clear at the point of application, and unless very specifically stated otherwise it is a total payment, to include any direct expenses you may have to allow you to attend (eg travel, childcare etc). So it's up to you to work out whether it is worth your while to apply to attend, taking all those factors into account along with your personal level of interest in the research itself.

Typical payments are from £40 for a 90 minute consumer discussion group, but we have had longer studies offering payments of hundreds of pounds. Payment is usually made in cash at the end of the session (perhaps in staged amounts for longer projects). For online or remote research, payment is typically made by Paypal or BACs within a few days of the research concluding - although bear in mind that the last day you participate, may not be the final day of the project itself.

If you have been recruited for the research in your professional capacity - for example, it is research specifically for Office Managers or Veterinary Surgeons - then typical rewards tend to be higher. Even if you are the same person who did a discussion last year about breakfast cereal for £40, your opinions on your specialist professional area may be of more direct value to our client - of course, this also works the other way around. Again though the payment is set by, and paid by, our research clients - we are not able to negotiate or affect this, and payment for business to business research is never intended to match or compare with your typical consultancy rates. Taking part in research is a different process altogether, that you can choose to engage with if it suits you.

We consider that taking part in an interesting and well-run piece of research brings many rewards to the participant, especially if the research relates to a professional specialism or personal interest. The feedback we receive each week tells us that people really do enjoy it, often far more than they expected to. The money is great to receive, and indeed it may have cost you directly to get there and take part... but the money is far from everything.